Commercial Interior Design
(Cafe, Bar, Restaurant, Club, Bistro, Night Club & Other Entertainment Outlets)

Residential Interior Design
(Private Residences, Apartments, Houses, Home Decor, Accessories, Curtains, Lighting, Mirrors)

Architectural Design
(Architecture, Engineering, Legal Documentation)

Design of Shopping & Business Centers
(Stores, Boutiques, Malls, Offices, Trade Centers)

Commercial Space Creation
(Restaurant Creation from Conception to Launch of the Final Site)

Field Supervision
(Construction Site Supervision)

Logo & Marketing
(Logo Design, Marketing / Promotional  Products)

Modernisation & Renovation
(Designing a New Style & Colour Change for Existing Buildings, Style Consulting)

Decorative Artworks
(Mural Paintings, Carvings, Sculptures, Stained Glass, Ornaments)


Bar Counter Design
Design of Small Architectural Forms
Development of Corporate Style
Emblem, Logo and Trademark Design
Exterior Design
Exterior Design of Catering and Recreational Facilities
Exterior Design of Offices
Furniture Design
Interior Design
Interior Design of Catering and Recreational Facilities
Interior Design of Offices
Interior Design of Residential Premises
Shop-Window Design
Studio Design
Wine Making Facilities Design

Design of Administrative Buildings
Design of Buildings for Localities
Design of Cultural and Sports Buildings
Design of Earthquake-Resistant Buildings
Design of Hotels and Tourist Centers
Design of Recreation Centers
Design of Religious Buildings
Design of Residential Buildings
Design of Restaurants
Design of Swimming Pools
Design of Trade Centers
Engineering Design of Bars
Engineering Design of Disco Clubs
Engineering Design of Restaurants
Interior and Exterior Lighting Engineering
Landscape Design
Territory Planning