Public Entertainment & Hospitality Projects

Restaurat business is very popular with the investors nowadays. According to international statistics it might be reasonable to speak about an increase in turnover in four months time once professional organisation and efficient management are implimented. Moreover in a year and a half or two years time (the avarage period of time during which the restaurant business may cover its costs) it starts to yeald income. The minimal profitability in this business is 20 %, the avarage- nearly 25% and in case of success it may reach 50-60%.
iMAGEMAN  Studio offers a unique product - a complex project of creating restaurant starting from a business plan and elaboration of a concept to the formation of menu, selection and training of the staff. In the project creation participates a professional team.
The amounts of investment and future revenues depend on the level and scale of the business. You can open a restaurant in the classical meaning of the word as well as simply a bar, cafe or a bistro. There also exist different combinations such as cafe-bar or a bar-restaurant and so on.

We offer:


  • Idea & Consulting
  • Area & Space Matching
  • Menu Creation
  • Concept & Style
  • Financing
  • Business Plan
  • Design Project
  • Service Area Planning
  • Documentation
  • Field Supervision
  • Kitchen Equipment
  • Staffing
  • Structure & Processing
  • Promotion
  • Personnel Training & Developement