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Design, Decoration, Filling, Promotion

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SEO, SMM, Content Manager
architectural and design studio “IMAGEMAN Interior and Architecture”

Alyona Karaseva Design Content Website promotion IMAGEMAN Design Content Website promotion IMAGEMAN. In the company, I am engaged in the design, layout, filling, and promotion of the site https://imagemanstudio.com/.

I am a DESIGNER of the interior of residential and non-residential premises. Graduate of the Moscow School of Design (International School of Design). Since childhood, I noticed a craving for creativity… I wanted to become a model, like most girls (I think) – at the age of 16, as a result, I graduated from the School of Fashion Models. She dreamed of becoming a fashion designer – at first, I practiced on dolls (not bad, by the way, it worked out). I went to study and graduated from the Sewing School and got a profession – Seamstress, Operator of sewing equipment. She entered the institute, where she studied further at RosZITLP (Russian Institute of Textile and Light Industry). Specialty Engineer-chemist-technologist for leather and fur dressing.

Profession of DESIGNER

I began to think about the profession of DESIGNER when I got into a company where from time to time I had to make different drawings for the renovation of premises … And at work, often, I made blueprints of installation and dismantling, redevelopment, furniture placement and visualization of a particular room. Firstly, I really liked it, and secondly, there was no one else to make them, but they were necessary. One, second, third … tenth … I mastered, first, one computer program, then another, third … So I decided to become a professional in this field of activity and do what I really LIKE!

But … I always “keep up with the times“, I like to study, learn something new, look for new directions for self-development)) … And, in 2018, I decided to start with the design and layout of sites. Then she studied at SMM, Content Manager. And, finally, I decided to engage in SEO promotion of sites in search engines in order to become a professional “generalist” in terms of sites.

Today I continue to develop in this direction. I master new techniques, study trends, and trends in this area … In general, I set goals for myself and go to achieve them. Since technologies and the world, in general, do not stand still and I try to keep up … Alena Karaseva Design Design Filling Website promotion IMAGEMAN.

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