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iMAGEMAN Architecture & Interior Studio

IMAGEMAN Architecture & Interior

IMAGEMAN Architecture & Interior DESIGN CONCEPT STYLE DECOR The company was founded in 1999 by Mikael Karsyan.

Today, the studio occupies a leading position in the Yerevan market of design and architecture, moreover, the results of the work of a creative and united team can be found outside of Armenia: in Russia, Georgia, Iran, and other countries.

The IMAGEMAN portfolio contains more than 50 completed projects, such as hotels and restaurants, shops and dealerships, architectural structures, private houses, and apartments.

First Place in ``HoReCa`` Nomination Project - ``Hotel Republica``

Second Place in Nomination ``Commercial Space Creation`` Project - ``Hotel Republica``

First Place in Nomination ``INTERIOR WITH USING ITALIAN BRANDS`` Project - ``DARGETT`` - Brewery & Restaurant

  • Premises for design can be any. PREMISES under the design - IMAGEMANSTUDIO solves such problems. Any room – whether residential, working, or intended for relaxation – will be suitable for use, considered complete and functional only after the development and careful preparation of the interior design project. Premises for design can be any. The room

  • WHAT IS INTERIOR DESIGN? We answer: "The ability to express your most complex ideas!" WHAT IS INTERIOR DESIGN? Interior design IMAGEMANSTUDIO Interior design is your vision and perception of the world around you, your idea of comfort and beauty, your style. The interior

  • The LOGO of the architectural and design studio "IMAGEMAN Interior and Architecture" consists of three parts: OUR LOGO IMAGEMAN studio Interior and Architecture consists of three parts: ⬛ SQUARE ➞ ► TRIANGLE ➞ ⚫CIRCLE There can be many interpretations … OUR LOGO IMAGEMAN studio Interior and

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