kruglaya fotografiya Karsyan Mikaela i Patritsii

iMAGEMAN Architecture & Interior Studio

IMAGEMAN Architecture & Interior

The company was founded in 1999 by Mikael Karsyan. Today, the studio occupies a leading position in the Yerevan market of design and architecture, moreover, the results of the work of a creative and united team can be found outside of Armenia: in Russia, Georgia, Iran and other countries. The IMAGEMAN portfolio contains more than 50 completed projects, such as hotels and restaurants, shops and dealerships, architectural structures, private houses and apartments.

First Place in ``HoReCa`` Nomination Project - ``Hotel Republica``

Second Place in Nomination ``Commercial Space Creation`` Project - ``Hotel Republica``

First Place in Nomination ``INTERIOR WITH USING ITALIAN BRANDS`` Project - ``DARGETT`` - Brewery & Restaurant

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