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We never stand still, we are constantly changing and we try to never repeat ourselves.

OUR SERVICES COMMERCIAL PUBLIC PRIVATE DESIGN INTERIOR DESIGN. OUR SERVICES DESIGN OF COMMERCIAL PUBLIC PRIVATE INTERIORS (shopping centers, coffee shops and restaurants, hotels, SPA centers, apartments and mansions) ARCHITECTURE OF PUBLIC AND PRIVATE OBJECTS (commercial and public buildings, private houses) LIGHTING AND DECORATIONS (chandeliers, murals, stained glass) doors and decorative metal).
Our interiors are based on tradition and modernity, history with a dream for the future, unexpected combinations of various colors and textures, technological and artistic techniques.


Our company provides a full range of services for the creation of the concept of restaurants, cafes, hotels and other hospitality facilities, collaborating with branding companies and a professional restaurant business management team, thereby providing better results, thus saving the Customer time and money.
Whether it is a restaurant, cafe or hotel, this is a small “theatrical performance”, since the key to success is a “good script”!
A team of real professionals “paints the script” of the project from branding to the placement of technological equipment, as they say, “turnkey”, and provides a full range of services for creating the concept of restaurants, cafes, hotels and other hospitality facilities.

IMAGEMAN Studio offers:


– first consultation on the development of an effective restaurant concept,
– options for the concept, theme and style of a restaurant, cafe or hotel,
development of a detailed project of a restaurant, cafe, hotel “turnkey”,
– development of a design project for any residential and non-residential premises,
– creation and development of architectural projects for private and public facilities,
design and creation of author’s decorative interior and exterior items made of metal, glass and wood (stairs, stained-glass windows, furniture doors, decorative panels).

COMMERCIAL, HOSPITALITY & RESIDENTIAL INTERIOR DESIGN (commercial spaces, shops, malls, cafes, restaurants, bars, hotels, SPA centers & etc.)

We are offering a full range of interior design projecting for your business & residence. Working with us, you'll save your time, money & energy getting the highest results. Our professional & experienced team offers the best solution for your bar, restaurant, cafe, hotel, shop or for your flat or the house. The design supervision at the site, during the construction works, guarantees the success of the final product. Depending on the project, our work consists of following parts:

Detailed floor planning (furniture, fixtures, appliances & equipment)

Engineerings (lighting, electricity, plumbing)

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (optional)

3D modeling & Visualization (colors, materials, furniture & lighting)

Color scheme & materials (interior colors, flooring, tiles, wallpapers & other coverings)

Purchase assistance (furniture, appliances, equipment, lighting, decoration & etc.)

Design supervision (adaptation & project supervision during the whole construction process)

COMMERCIAL, HOSPITALITY & RESIDENTIAL ARCHITECTURE (commercial & office buildings, malls, residential communities, private houses)

Customer requirements are highly important for getting the highest results in architectural designing and projecting. The most important thing is the concept & and the connection of the building with the site and nature. Using natural materials such as stone, wood, glass & metal, we are trying to develop the modern thinking as well as observing the canons of classical architecture. The right blending of different styles & eras is one of our goals. Design stages are:

Sketching & conceptual drawing (style, theme & function)

Floor plans & site adaptation (connection of the functional and aesthetic parts)

3D modeling & visualization (color images of the building with materials)

Civil engineering (project of groundworks, concrete, wooden & metal structures)

Full package engineering (electricity, plumbing, HVAC)

Architectural supervision (adaptation & site supervision during the whole construction process)

LIGHTING, INTERIOR & EXTERIOR DECORATIVE ARTWORKS (chandeliers, stained glass, mural artworks, doors & metal artworks)

Decorative artworks are made to fill empty spaces & enrich the architecture & interior with a specific flavor of handcrafts, combining the theme with the functionality. They are softening the straight lines, braking the reiteration in the architectural space, giving the new soul to the interior solutions. The wide variety of materials like wood, bronze, copper, crystal, amber glass & etc. helps to create original & outstanding centerpiece artworks for your commercial or hospitality space as well as for your flat or residence. We offer:

Interior small-size chandeliers & modern lighting systems

Big-size chandeliers & architectural lighting systems

Stained glass back lit ceilings, windows & doors

Decorative artworks & installations

Mural paintings & bas-reliefs

Metal/Wooden doors & entrances

Hand railings & decorative fences

Interior decoration accessories & furniture

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