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A premises without design is just a premises!

PREMISES UNDER DESIGN IMAGEMAN design restaurant shop office

What premises do you need a design project for?


The goal of preparing an interior design project is to create a harmonious in all respects (planning, selection of finishing materials, colors, furniture, lighting distribution and choice of lighting fixtures), a functional and comfortable environment, primarily for those people who spend most of their time in this place, and, of course, for guests.


Any room – whether residential, working, or intended for relaxation – will be suitable for use, considered complete and functional only after the development and careful preparation of the interior design project. Premises for design can be any.


They are conditionally divided into:

residential are premises where people live

non-residential – these are premises where people work or spend some time.

photo of the interior of the commercial premises OFFICE MTS - IMAGEMAN Interior and Architecture

Not residential:

public (schools, kindergartens, libraries, hospitals, gyms, etc.) premises, from the operation of which there is no commercial benefit

photo of children's yoga room SHOONCH yoga studio Pilates SPA DESIGN studio IMAGEMAN

Not residential:

commercial (offices, cinemas, business centers, entertainment centers, restaurants, cafes, etc.) premises for work and business

photo of a bar and a wall with a corporate logo in the DARGETT restaurant, Yerevan, Armenia

Not residential:

trading (shops, shopping centers, showrooms, beauty salons and the like) premises in which they trade in something, whether it is a product or service.

photo of a sales area with a reception desk and racks in the NAIRIAN store, Yerevan

Residential premises (they are also called private), in turn, are divided into:

houses (cottages, villas, houses and so on)

photo of the INTERIOR of a PRIVATE HOUSE on the fireplace area with a large fireplace and sofas

Residential premises (they are also called private), in turn, are divided into:

all apartments (from a studio apartment to a multi-room apartment)

photo of a living room with a TV area zoned with large sofas overlooking the kitchen and hall

Residential premises (they are also called private), in turn, are divided into:

separate living quarters (rooms, kitchen, bathroom, living room and so on)

photo of the kitchen interior (view from the living room) in a private apartment, Yerevan
fotografiya pomeshcheniya pod dizayn - prostranstvo dlya tvorchestva i polota fantazii
photo VIP room for the most valuable guests with personal safes for cigars in JAZZVE
photo of the interior of the common hall with the brand name of the PASTRAMI restaurant, Yerevan
photo of the view from the common room to the distribution counter in BISTRO KILIKIA Gyumri, Armenia
fotografiya inter'yera kafe v pekarne s vypechkoy i posetitelyam

PREMISES UNDER DESIGN IMAGEMAN design restaurant shop office. I repeat: this division is very conditional and there are no clear separation criteria, especially for non-residential premises, since publics premises can be called and commercials premises and retail premises, and trading, is commercial.

IMAGEMANSTUDIO can solve such problems as quickly as possible and at the minimum possible cost to the client, be it a design project in Moscow, or a design project in Yerevan. The design of private, commercial and public interiors is the direct task of the studio and it can perform such tasks professionally.

Alyona Karaseva-Aramyan

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