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Smokers Club

The Best Place for Travel, Cigar & Whiskey Lovers

JAZZVE CIGAR LOUNGE club English style IMAGEMAN design VIP. Lounge area in a cafe, where he mixed the English study and cigar club with imaginary members – fans of travel. Shelves of books, map-decorated countertops. Victorian-style furniture and Chesterfield couch upholstery show this. Lamps covered with felt add softness to the interior. Small personalized humidors set the theme for the cigar club. By renting any of them, the client could store his cigars and a bar buffet. And visitors could pour their own drinks.

Admirers of our customs have every chance to exist and are regulars in our cafes and restaurants. And we are convinced that they have every chance not to deprive themselves of the pleasure of drinking a cup of cappuccino. Which is cooked in sand according to an old tradition. And also to feel various delicious dishes and desserts, juices, cocktails… And much more, prepared by our pastry chefs, chefs, and bartenders.

The Jazzve restaurant

Jazzve is the largest restaurant line in Armenia. The Jazzve restaurant is located in the most comfortable areas throughout. On the main streets, close to recognizable civilized centers and near monuments of history and architecture. In general, walking along almost any street, you can stop by and have a coffee! There are a lot of exciting and mouth-watering fresh releases, which separate “Jazzve” from the rest of the restaurant in Yerevan. And you are expecting a meeting in one of our restaurants, with friends, relatives or partners over a cup of aromatic, branded coffee. Naturally in JAZZVE CIGAR CLUB JAZZVE English style IMAGEMAN VIP design.

The author of the project is Mikael Karsyan, founder of IMAGEMAN Interior and Architecture. And also his team of designers, architects, and decorators developed the design and created the interior in the English style. Truly, a piece of England in the center of Yerevan with its traditions, elegance, and respect for the style. CIGAR CLUB JAZVE is a cozy bar with a comfortable home atmosphere and an individual approach to each client, club member, and guest. Where each member of the club has a personal safe for storing personal collection cigars and drinks. Which he can use with other members of the club or treat invited friends.


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