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Where to begin?



You are a businessman and decide to open your own restaurant and don’t know where and how to start?

Let’s see what is necessary for the launch and further successful work.


OPEN A RESTAURANT IMAGEMANSTUDIO WILL HELP YOU. First, you need to understand the target audience for whom your place will be designed. The most significant criteria may be both the average check and the focus. For example, affordable restaurants that are intended for the general public (businessmen, students, tourists) can simultaneously be family places. Or for children’s birthday parties. Thematic (meat, fish, beer, cafe-bakery) and even ethnic places (Italian, Armenian, French, etc.). However,  if you prefer a Luxe restaurant, the audience shrinks to certain segments of society, accustomed to luxury and appreciating gourmet cuisine. In general, all cafes and restaurants can be positioned according to one criterion, as well as several at the same time.

photo of the interior of the commercial and common area in the cafe-bakery BRIOCHE, Yerevan, Armenia

DIRECTION: Democratic, ethnic, theme cafe

CATEGORY: Flow Oriented Cafe

AUDIENCE: Everyone

CLASS: cafe, bakery, confectionery


Once determining the target audience, it is necessary to formulate the theme and concept. If your place doesn’t have its own legend, history or message, then they need to be invented, developed and visualized. The concept of a restaurant is usually reflected in everything: in the facade, sign, interior, serving, dishes, etc. The development of the concept and style of the restaurant is also a time-consuming process, which is as well within purview the Studio “IMAGEMAN Interior and Architecture”. 

photo of the interior of the common hall with the brand name of the PASTRAMI restaurant, Yerevan

TOPIC: “Butcher’s shop” with its own traditions, which serves the best meat delicacies and indicates a special culture of meat processing

STYLE: Stylization of a European tavern with characteristic elements in the decoration and decor. Giving brutality to the interior, where everything is detailed for the functionality of the original design.

PURPOSE: To create the impression of a European butcher shop with its own traditions, where meat is stored, processed, and smoked in a special family way.


As Captain Vrungel (a character from Soviet cartoon)  said: “As you name the ship, as it  sails.” The hero of the animated film is not  likely to put the main marketing tools (naming and branding) into his thoughts. Although he definitely knew something. Brand strategy is one of the most important parts of launching and developing a business. Name of the restaurant and its branding is what the customer usually remembers and visualizes mentioning your business or thinking about it.

As all the previous stages of starting a business, this one important step must also be entrusted to professionals who are skilled in market analytics and know-how the brand operates in a particular business. Professionally and qualitatively developed branding will become a key marketing tool and a reference point for building further PR and marketing campaigns.

izobrazheniye logotipa i torgovyy znaka restorana-pivovarni DARGET, Yerevan, Armeniya
foto inter'yera obshchego zala i bara v pivovarne-restorane DARGETT, Yerevan
fotografiya reklamnoy produktsii v firmennom stile kraftovoy pivovarni Darget

TITLE: DARGETT – “Bitter River” (Dare get) Craft Brewery Restaurant

LOGO: the Babylonian map of the world has become an element of the logo – this is an attempt to cover the entire surface of the Earth, and Babylon itself is the “center of the universe.” The world is surrounded by the oceans called the Bitter River

BRAND COLORS: metal colors are black, anthracite, various types of beer (wheat, cherry, golden, yellow) and blue – the color of the ocean


Furthermore, search and competent selection of venues for a place are future marketing tools that contribute to the growth and development of the restaurant. Client flow and popularity depend on location, neighborhood, proximity to one, or another object.

LOCATION: Busy street in the tourist center of the city

NEIGHBORHOOD: Nearby there are many different restaurants and cafes of various kinds

CONTINGENT: Tourists, youth, office workers, residents


Well, the last but not least and  probably the most pleasant stage. The interior design of your restaurant. Our team, based on all of the above and  your personal preferences, proceeds to the development of interior design. Presents a design project that includes the layout of the entire restaurant, seats. Kitchen, furniture and kitchen equipment, color and lighting solutions, selection of finishing materials, ventilation and air conditioning. And it presents to you all the developments and ideas in the form of an album consisting of technical and image drawings, as well as 3D visualization.

DESIGN: Developed taking into account the wishes and preferences of the customer

DESIGN PROJECT: Several design solutions are offered, from which one is selected and an album is being developed

3D VISUALIZATION: 2-3 versions of photorealistic images of the interior are prepared


photo of the working area in the cafe in the bakery KHLEBUS WITH TONDIR

Our team of professionals and our partners go through this journey side by side with you until the grand opening restaurant – of your dream place.  Since we’re done with consulting based on your brief, we proceed to the immediate implementation of the project. The most competent architects, designers, market analysts, branding specialists, marketers, and restaurateurs work on your project. At the same time, IMAGEMAN Interior and Architecture Studio are not limited to restaurant projects in Armenia, and in Russia, we also cooperate with customers all over the world. WANT TO OPEN A RESTAURANT IMAGEMAN WILL HELP YOU.

photo of the interior of the common hall of the restaurant, the design is stylized as Italian classics


Even with the launch, Imageman Studio continues its cooperation with you, accompanying the activities of your business, developing the current promotion strategy and supporting all issues. WANT TO OPEN A RESTAURANT IMAGEMAN WILL HELP YOU.

MIKAEL KARSYAN, Hakuk Yeghiazaryan

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