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Cafe in the Bakery

A freshly baked name for a new reality.

KHLEBUS cafe in a bakery in Russia Project IMAGEMAN in Pyatigorsk. At the busiest intersection of Pyatigorsk city, there is a small cozy KHLEBUS bakery and cafe, in front of a bus station.

The structure was designed so that people who have a long way to go. Could start their journey with a sip of instant coffee and a piece of freshly baked pastries. As if sitting in an intimate cafe filled with light and inviting smell of crispy croissant at a table near the panoramic windows overlooking. With the bustling bus station and departing buses, you can buy something on the road to prolong the feeling of comfort and warmth that they felt in the cafe.

The exterior of the bakery is similar to American buses on wheels. Which gives an incredible warmth and feeling that you are dining on the bus, in 1936. It was this similarity that inspired BRAIND YEREVAN. Branding specialists, partners of the IMAGEMAN architectural design studio, to name the cafe. Coffee-cereal, from dark brown to soft vanilla. The color scheme welcomes and accompanies you inside. Exciting taste expectations. BUS BREAD – a bakery on the weels…


KHLEBUS cafe Bread is an island of comfort and warmth for the bus passenger before and after the journey. Correctly selected calm shades, from ivory to yellow. And a thick appetizing coffee and pastry aroma. Cordially capturing the mind, as if exuded by the interior itselfThe interior is finished with natural, almost raw, and inexpensive materials. Which is the color of nostalgia, to white brick walls as if made of sugar glaze and brown-gold mosaic. Which is decorated with a tandoor, as if candy-monpasier. Thick appetizing coffee smell, warmly exciting consciousness. As if exudes a natural root of golden oak, reminiscent of a crust of bread, energy-saving lamps. A cute wallpaper, reasonable prices, accompanied by a huge selection of baked goods, only complement the image. Wit, the highest professionalism and loving attitude of the author and creator of this project.
Mikayel Karsyan, as well as his team of real professionals. Who forced to develop and work out the concept of cafe, implement all creative ideas, and build a turnkey cafe. Starting from branding and ending with the selection and placement of technological equipment. The minimalism of this interior intoxicated perfectionists and leaves the impression of restrained abundance. Such quality work can be achieved only if a team of specialists in the field of architectural engineering and design creates strictly conceptual forms. That win enormous trust and respect from visitors.
Khlebus Bakery Branding – Braind Company
For more information on the corporate identity of a cafe in Khlebus Bakery, see the partner’s website.


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