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Every day we change reality


OUR PARTNERS PROFESSIONALS IMAGEMAN our projects. For several years, the team of professionals of Braind corporate identity development company professionals gained experience and honing their skills. In the areas of communication with clients, formulation of marketing objectives, logo development, restaurant branding, web programming, and effective solutions. This helped companies and private customers to develop and transform in their fields.

Branding and design

Branding and design is the ability to express the most daring and creative ideas in the most simple way possible. They primarily provide comfort and functionality, and only then appearance. We create brands that have character, personality, and the ability to be different. Braind has extensive experience in developing and managing brand books and, thanks to this, many companies from different fields of activity trust us.


PROF AL company was founded in 2002. For almost 20 years of robust activity, the company has expanded, presenting itself with large-scale production, multi-profile services, and prime product range which is as follows:

  • production and installation of aluminum doors and windows,
  • production and installation of glass structures,
  • production and import of facades of buildings, garage gates, blinds, pergolas, and marquises,
  • production and styling of home and office furniture,
  • installation of automatic irrigation systems,
  • landscape design services.


OUR PARTNERS – A large and diversified association “PROF AL” does not stop improving its own experience, product range, and professional capabilities. The company is constantly working on the manufacture of products and the list of services provided, improving its own views and capabilities, thereby satisfying the most demanding buyers, partners, and contractors. Applying modern methods of work and innovative equipment, Prof AL professionals combine them with long-term experience and a unique way of doing business, producing high-quality products. This symbiosis in the form of high-quality products is presented by the professional partners of “Prof Al” “Armenian Brand” to the international market, where they are not inferior to the products of foreign companies. Together with IMAGEMEN, they create our projects and design TRENDS for the external environment and internal space.

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