We change and do not stand still



OUR LOGO studio IMAGEMAN Interior and Architecture always change. OUR LOGO studio IMAGEMAN Interiors and Architecture 3 figures: ■ SQUARE ► TRIANGLE ● CIRCLE. The logo should represent and reflect the type of activity of the company and be associated with the product that is produced by the company, firm or a particular production. Typically, a logo consists of stylized letters, ideograms and / or graphics images.

A logo is an important element of the image and recognition of any company, firm or production. It is needed, initially, in order to identify this or that company on the market. Logos appeared so that users or buyers could distinguish products of a particular segment, different companies within the same industry. Since the consumer perceives the logo (trademark) of the company as a “quality mark” and is convinced of its guaranteed quality, be it goods or services.

OUR LOGO studio IMAGEMAN Interior and Architecture consists of three parts:


OUR LOGO studio IMAGEMAN Interior and Architecture always change. There can be many interpretations …
Our logo represents a certain transformation, a metamorphosis. Of objects that go from a simple form to a complex one, and vice versa. We, the architectural and design studio “IMAGEMAN Interior and Architecture”, while working on the project, complicate everything simple and simplify everything complicated. This is a continuous, cyclical process. In which any form, whether it is an object, an idea, or a set task, can acquire the outlines of another, more complex or simpler one.

That is, the attitude to design is simple, without any frills.
Our logo also says that we don’t standstill. We are either a “square”, or “circle”, or “triangle”. We are constantly changing, and although we have “our own style”, we try never to repeat.
You will say that our logo is similar to STOP, PLAY, and RECORD and you will be right …

⏺RECORD – we write down the ideas and wishes of the customer.
▶️PLAY – we “lose” and reproduce our vision and options for a future project.
⏹STOP – we stop for reflection, rethinking the decisions made, for finding and working out new and creative ideas.

Alyona Karaseva-Aramyan

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