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Cafe, Bakery & Pastry Shop

French-Style Cafe, Bakery & Pastry Shop

BRIOCHE French bakery and cafe BRIOCHE IMAGEMAN project. Cafe “BRIOCHE” – a small cafe, as if located in one of the corners of Paris. Due to the high ceilings, the space was impossible to divide into two floors, as a result. The illusion of a secluded courtyard was created, surrounded by building facades and decorative balconies. Which often confuse guests with their realism. Furniture and tables are selected in the French style, close to what can often be found in Parisian cafes.

Here, visitors can taste fresh baked goods – real hot French croissants, refined delicate cake, or handmade chocolates.

In Soviet times, there was a textile store on the site of the cafe, which is reminiscent. Of the preserved massive columns and large stucco molding.

The IMAGEMAN team designed the interior design so that visitors to the cafe felt in a quiet courtyard. Not far from the Eiffel Tower, surrounded by beautiful small houses. With plants and flowers climbing along the facades. And from a window, a familiar French melody sounds …

Branding of the French cafe-bakery “BRIOCHE” – Braind company

For more information on the corporate identity of the BRIOCHE cafe-bakery, see the partner’s website.


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