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Luxurious Business Center

EREBOUNI PLAZA Luxury business center IMAGEMANSTUDIO. The Erebouni Plaza is a business center that was built in what used to be one of the best hostels of Soviet Armenia. The foyer interior contains elements that refer to the Urartu Kingdom. Such as the capitals which are decorated with ornaments, lines, and designs from that historical era. The vast space created by the glazed façade, the high ceiling, and the pastel colors are complemented by wood paneling and plants.

Design project

Interior design project in the largest business center in Armenia “Erebouni Plaza”!
The building of the office center is located in the business district of the city, in accordance with the neighborhood of Republic Square. As well as the main government agencies, famous international missions, embassies, and economic institutions.

An impeccable space for work, business, and leisure of the city’s business elite and businessmen from abroad!
The interior design projects were made with sympathy and attention to detail to ensure the best match between glamor and convenience.
The business center provides a wide range of services that meet cutting-edge standards. Necessary for the normal, but safe and comfortable functioning of your company, company, project, business.

Comfortable cabinets

The building has premises, rooms, offices with a comfortable layout and advanced design with a total area of ​​over 7500 m². The grand entrance hall with a huge lobby leads out to conference rooms, a wellness area, a lobby bar, a dining room, and a cafe. “Erebouni Plaza” also has overground parking. EREBOUNI PLAZA is equipped with advanced technical communications. And especially, what is important, an advanced security system.

The main tasks were for the team of professionals (designers and architects) of the IMAGEMAN Interior and Architecture company. While preparing the project for the premises of EREBOUNI PLAZA, the luxury business center IMAGEMANSTUDIO made bold design decisions. This is a creation of very convenient layouts, a selection of colors for each room, and natural finishing materials. Therefore, special interest was paid to the painstaking selection of good layouts of offices. And meeting rooms and to providing more interesting communications between them.
The buyers and tenants of the business center have every chance to work there and develop their business. Also, appreciate the rest and real entertainment. All this is provided by the project and the owners of EREBOUNI PLAZA Luxury Business Center.



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