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COFFEE SHOPS – the most visited places

CAFES, COFFEE HOUSES COFFEE SHOPS Style Design IMAGEMAN. Coffee shops are the most visited places around the world. Almost everyone consumes at least one cup of coffee a day. It would seem that there are coffee shops at every corner and block, however, it’s still not enough. They are varied by their interiors, menus, presentation, and attitude to the client. The very first coffee shop in the world opened in Constantinople in the 16th century, and only a couple of centuries later, the culture of drinking coffee spread throughout Europe. Then coffee shops began to open In all big cities, where people were gathering for interests.

Currently, there are coffee shops all over the world and even in the most remote and sparsely populated ones. Coffee Shop chain brands are the most popular, however little unique places can easily compete with them. In addition to all the components of the restaurant business, the interior design of coffee shops is one of the fundamental aspects of a thriving business, on which traffic and further customer loyalty are directly dependent.

There are many types of coffee shops: roadside vans with takeaway coffee, an island in a shopping center, a window on the first floor of a residential building, vending machines, and finally full-fledged coffee shops.

To make the client feel comfortable

Full-fledged coffee shops have a hall with a sufficient number of seats and a kitchen. But at the same time, they must always provide a “to go” service. Because coffee is the product most often consumed on the go. In these cafes, where people have business meetings for coffee, get-togethers with friends, or just sit for hours at work alone. The design plays a decisive role. To make the client feel comfortable and return periodically, it is necessary to create a comfortable environment.

Before you open a coffee shop, you need to decide on the style. Whichever style you choose, you should pay attention to the hall where clients spend their time.  Open space and enough seating are important here. The design should be light and easy to understand, nothing intrusive. Customers do not visit a coffee shop as thoroughly as to a restaurant, it is a kind of “way station” during the day. But this does not mean that the interior should be dull and boring. It should have bright. And memorable focuses that catch the visitor, arouse interest in him, and a desire to return.

For decorating

For decorating a coffee shop, it is better to give preference to natural materials such as wood, stone, brick, and metal. The ceiling can be made of plasterboard, concrete, or simply plastered and painted. As for the floor, it is better to avoid wood and laminate flooring. A large flow of visitors requires frequent cleaning. Therefore, the best option is ceramic tiles and stone. However, the self-leveling floor is gaining increasing popularity. Natural shades of wood and pastel colors are the optimal solution for the color scheme of the coffee shop interior. Bright colors as focuses can be of all kinds. The main thing is to adhere to the rule of combining no more than three colors and minimize their number.

Modern coffee shops decorate

Furniture should not only be durable but also practical, as already mentioned before because of the large flow and change of visitors, it requires frequent wet cleaning. It is worth combining stools and chairs for singles and companies that have come in for a short time. And soft sofas for long gatherings and large companies. While the furniture in its design should correspond to the general concept and style of the coffee house. Particular attention should be paid to the design and materials of the coffee shop counter. Which is the center of attraction both for attention and literally for the movement of visitors. As for the lighting, it is mainly point-like at each table: a ceiling lamp or a wall sconce. Spotlights also highlight bright interior accents.

Modern coffee shops are designed in a wide variety of styles. If you can hardly find a coffee shop in a classic style, then coffee shops in Provence style, modern style, loft, and minimalism prevail all over the world.

photo of the interior of the trading floor of a cafe in a bakery at the time of serving visitors

Кафе в пекарне ``ХЛЕБУС`` в Пятигорске

photo of an interior with upholstered furniture, drapery and trees as a design

Кафе ``ДЖАЗВЕ`` в Ереване

Coffee shops in style…

In loft-style coffee shops, you can almost always find one or more brick walls. And many metal elements and a minimum of decoration. For the menu, a slate wall is used as a blackboard, which sometimes also serves as an artistic panel. Where illustrators create their short-lived, but still memorable work in the style and themes of a coffee shop. Another distinctive feature of the loft-style is absolutely not hidden exhaust pipes and wiring. Which create the atmosphere of a production workshop or factory. The light here is exclusively point-like and mostly in the form of “bare” bulbs.

Most often, you can find coffee shops in a modern style. They are unobtrusive, comfortable, and completely organic. The main color scheme here rests on white, beige, black, and brown shades along with a bright focus. The smart combination of budget materials and furniture creates a completely relaxed and modern environment.

Сoffee shops are popular

Romantic and ethereal French Provence-style coffee shops are popular with families and older audiences. Unlike other styles where huge window openings are not curtained, light curtains and curtains with a floral print can be used here. The walls can be covered with patterned wallpaper, the floor can be parquet and laminate. The furniture is mostly white or beige, it can be either old or aged to give the atmosphere of the French suburb. The interior coffee house of the style Provence is generously decorated. Paintings with a natural theme on the walls. A huge number of flowers and plants in pots and vases, tablecloths and textile napkins on tables, baskets with bread and vegetables, etc.

If the room size of the coffee house does not allow the implementation of the above styles in the interior. Then in this case minimalism is the ideal solution. Due to the lack of decoration, you can expand the space and experiment with zoning. The predominant white color of the finish will enhance the effect of expanding the space.

photo of the decorative solution for the customer service area in the BRIOCHE cafe, Yerevan

Кафе в пекарне ``ХЛЕБУС`` в Пятигорске

panoramic photo of the common hall of the IT & FIT cafe with guests

Кафе здорового питания ``ИТ & ФИТ``

Open your coffee shop

Coffee as bread – a commodity of primary consumption. The demand for it will never fall. Therefore, if you want to open your own coffee shop. But do not know all the nuances of this business, and also still cannot decide on the stylistic design of your place. Imageman Studio is ready to provide you with a full cycle of services from design to consulting. And also to share all the subtleties, cornerstones, and secrets of success not only on the example of its own project Coffee Point. But also implemented for the client Cafe Brioche share all the subtleties, cornerstones, and secrets of success.

MIKAEL KARSYAN, Hakuk Yeghiazaryan

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