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Our project in Pyatigorsk

foto predmetov reklamnoy produktsii s firmennym stilem kafe v pekarne KHLEBUS
photo on the left of the interior of a cafe in a bakery with a visitor

Feedback from the visitor of the cafe in the bakery “Khlebus”

Khlebus is an oasis for a traveler.

Cafe in the bakery KHLEBUS IMAGEMAN project Pyatigorsk in Russian. “…Having purchased a bus ticket to Essentuki, I left the building of the bus station in Pyatigorsk. About half an hour was left before departure. I really wanted hot coffee. The attention was drawn to a brightly lit building opposite the strange name “Khlebus”. And only he came closer and realized that instinct, in contrast to myopia, did not disappoint. “KHLEBUS” CAFE IN A BAKERY – the sign read. “Paradise for a traveler”, I thought, and I was not mistaken.

Apparently, the concept of the cafe in the bakery was designed to attract the attention of travelers and passers-by with light-flooded windows and colors that excite your appetite, like a large carriage, only equipped with an ergonomic ramp with nickel-plated railings and, of course, steps at the entrance/exit.

A thick appetizing coffee and confectionery aroma, cordially capturing the consciousness, as if exuded by the interior itself. Pacification – there is no wish for a better atmosphere before a long journey.

Sitting at a table by the window, and eating a delicious warm cake with tondyr cheese and washing down a fragrant cappuccino. I thought that Khlebus is an island of comfort and warmth, for a tired traveler, where you can enjoy roasting coffee with fresh pastries.

Khlebus, coffee, and dynamics – these concepts are saturated not only with the interior and exterior but also with the nearby area of ​​the establishment. In a word – “Khlebus”, or rather you can’t say, a cafe in a bakery near the bus station…”

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