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ETHNIC STYLES IN INTERIORS IMAGEMAN Interior Design Ethnic. Speaking of ethnic style in the interior, we primarily envisage exotic countries. With an ancient culture, however ethnic style in the interior is a much broader concept.

It can be classified as a design of any national interior. The popularity of this style is growing every day with the rise of tourism. With the opportunity  to travel both physically and via the Internet. People are inspired by the culture, traditions and rituals of exotic countries. And they bring a piece of this atmosphere to their home and interior. If earlier these were just  interior items and decoration. Now more and more often you can find houses, apartments, cafes, restaurants and hotels full-fledged ethnic style design.

Ethnic style in the interior is often associated with Africa, Asia, India, but the even Chinese Feng Shui (which is also considered a philosophy). Scandinavian, Mediterranean style and French are also ethnic styles in the interior. Although they are already perceived as separate trends in interior design.

Ethnic styles

Ethnic styles are culturally appropriate and determined by the national, religious and other lifestyle traditions of a particular region. The geographical position and climatic conditions also play an important role. One of the main characteristics of this style is the transmission and projection of energy and the atmosphere. Using color, materials, shapes and special accents.

The color palette in the interior in ethnic style depends on the chosen national culture. African countries – more saturated and vibrant colors, European – turquoise and milky shades, Asian – pale yellow and gray. Eastern countries have bright turquoise, blue, red with gold and a lot of decor. Let’s not forget that ethnic-style furniture, as one of the important components of the interior, mainly consists of natural materials. This can be wood, rattan, bamboo combined with soft materials such as animal skins or leather.

As for lighting, it also varies from country to country. If in European interiors there is a lot of main light. Then in African and Asian interiors it is muffled, and spot lighting accents individual decoration items.

Interior items

Interior items that bring national flavor to the design of the room  should be singled out for mention. In Chinese and Japanese styles these are images or figures of dragons, samurai swords, hieroglyphic paintings and masks. In African styles – wooden masks, floor figures, animal skins, carpets. In the Mediterranean – steering wheels, shells, paintings with seascapes, etc. Any items, regardless of their size, can serve as accents and additions to the ethnic interior. It could be a handmade carpet, massive curtains of bright velvet, a floor ceramic vase, a miniature figurine, etc.

By choosing any interior in ethnic style you should not  focus on fashion or modern trends, but on your own preferences and intuition. It is important that the interior is cozy and functional for you. And our team is ready to help you  not only develop and implement authentic interiors in the ethno style, but also offer an ethno-mix solution, where a variety of ethno styles will ideally harmonize in the interior.

MIKAEL KARSYAN, Hakuk Yeghiazaryan

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