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Gyumri architectural style

Classical Gyumri interior with elements of Kilikian castles.

KILIKIA BISTRO in Gyumri interior design IMAGEMANSTUDIO ideas. In the concept of developing a BISTRO KILIKIA design project and creating an environment. The starting point was the specifics of classic Gyumri interiors mixed with architectural elements of medieval Cilician castles.

The elements of modern design in the interior of the hall are connected with the hereditary European architectural style rooted in Gyumri.

A dark-wood coffered ceiling with forged chandelier rims hanging on rods. Fachwerk structures over the entire counter simulating a balcony, tables and chairs, metal lanterns at the entrance speak the language of that era. Columns and arches made of volcanic tuff that are present both in the exterior and interior design. As well as the cornice of the building, and the green glazed tiles of the front cladding of the bar counter in the hall. Luxurious mosaic boiserie from diamond-shaped tuff tiles, the texture of plaster to the ceiling. Manifestations of more late – a period of classicism. Copper lamps, commercial and industrial equipment made of stainless steel. Open ventilation – from the environment of modern design solutions.

The goal of the creative group, the IMAGEMAN Interior & Architecture, was to preserve the concept of the tavern. Associativity in the dynamics of changing eras. Color tones, rich light, an open kitchen, a communication environment. Everything is generally “tailored” to the operational scenario of creating a welcoming atmosphere in ethnic studies. “Cilicia Bistro” is part of the hotel and restaurant complex that continues to develop in the ideological incarnations of IMAGEMANSTUDIO.

Branding bistro “KILIKIA” – company Braind

For more information about the corporate identity “KILIKIA BISTRO”, see the partner’s website.


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