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The styles in the interior and architecture are incredible …

INTERIOR STYLE IMAGEMAN help you will In interior design. There are so many styles in the interior though they can be divided into three main titles – historical, ethnic, and popular, which in turn include various styles.

Renaissance style

The Renaissance style is a classic, historical style. Renaissance: the era of intellectual and artistic prosperity, which is characterized by moderate decorativeness and elegance, but at the same time pomp and solemnity, where each piece of interior item its place since this style does not endure excessive clutter.

Ethnic style

Mediterranean style – the style is based on simple, inherent forms of Italian classicism in relation to different materials. The interior is complemented by panoramic paintings, frescoes with Tuscan vineyards, and a second light with an imitation of a blue sunny sky.

Historical interior style

The historical interior style includes the Empire style, Antique, Baroque, Renaissance, Neoclassicism, Avant-garde, Romanesque, Gothic, Art Deco, Victorian... The main requirement for these styles is a huge space. However, even with large spaces a sense of proportion also plays a significant role. Otherwise, the project would have an outrageous budget. It also runs the risk of becoming a lifeless museum, rather than a cozy apartment or functional place.

The contents an interior

Moreover, if expensive materials are used in the interior, and even more rare antique items … The contents of such an interior instead of pleasant enjoyment and relaxation can lead to an extra headache.

However, with the help of professional architects and interior designers, any of the historical styles can be reproduced. For example, in a country house, a fashionable restaurant, and a solid hotel, giving them comfort and functionalism.

Victorian style

Victorian style – this style is characterized by a combination of different historical styles. A striking feature of the Victorian style is the presence in the interior of various collections (porcelain figurines, watches, snuffboxes). The interior has many indoor plants, motifs that are present in the ornaments of wallpaper, curtains, and stucco on the ceiling and walls.

Ethnic style

FRANCE – the interior design is designed so that cafe visitors feel themselves in a quiet courtyard, not far from the Eiffel Tower, surrounded by beautiful small houses with decorative French balconies and flowers, and a familiar French melody sounds from someone’s window …

Ethnic themes in the interior

It has long ceased to be associated exclusively with Africa and India. Provence, Scandinavian, Russian, English, Country, Japanese, Mediterranean styles, are becoming more and more popular.

Travelling opens up new horizons for landlords, owners of houses, apartments, and other premises. They want to translate their ideas and ideas into interior design. Materials, furniture, and decor are the most important elements in ethnic interiors. The budget depends on the preferences of the customer.

Professional designer

If the customer is inclined to get an authentic interior, then the budget may increase. However, visual authenticity can also be achieved with individual accents. A professional designer, he is also an analyst and market expert, perfectly guided both in the local and international markets. He can easily implement any ethnic style in local conditions.

Our design studio has vast experience in the development and implementation of such projects.

English style

The English style is respectability, elegance, thoughtfulness, and restraint in detail. The interior, designed in the English style, evokes a feeling of calm, well-being, and comfort. English style for those who appreciate a peaceful atmosphere, nobleness, and sophistication.


Interior stylization is an addition to the interior with decorative elements taken from a different style. In this case, from Art Deco (decorative art), it is a style of luxury, grace, and individuality with many inherent in this style, decor elements (fur, leather, ivory), diversity, and “zigzag” of space and emphasized geometry of natural and plant ornaments.

Popular interior styles 

A lot of choice and variety among the popular interior styles. And among them, there are those that can be reckoned as historical. For example, boho, Bauhaus, vintage… But the basis for the popular styles is the lack of clutter of space and expensive materials. Although single rare items can be quite expensive. Focus on functionality and comfort.

The most popular

Recently, minimalism, loft, pop art, kitsch, fusion, high-tech have been the most popular. They are more in demand among residents of megacities. But the tech is the holders of small apartments. In addition, various spaces also do not stand aside…

There are loft bars, grunge cafes, vintage hostels for hipsters, industrial office premises, rustic-style country houses, etc.


The style of functionalism is a modern universal style. Take constructivism or minimalism, “soften” it with color, ergonomics, or stylization (decoration elements are taken from ethnic, classical, or any other style). In such an Interior, the main thing is not to overdo it with such elements, otherwise, you will get a different style – eclecticism

Many styles

As you can see, there are a great number of interior styles, all that remains is to choose. In the world today the choice is not limited and there are no borders for imagination. In interior design, a similar situation. If you can’t choose a specific one, and prefer several styles or tend to mix them.

IMAGEMAN will help

The design studio IMAGEMAN will help you to get oriented in this broad variety of options. Solving planning issues, interior design, selection of materials, lighting, and color solutions…

These issues are easier and more efficient to entrust to professionals both to save energy and money and to obtain the desired result.

Industrial style - LOFT

LOFT – a style that originated in America at the end of the 20th century. Interiors in the loft-style include the design of premises, former industrial facilities (factories, attics, garages, etc.) not intended, at first glance, for housing or office. Nevertheless, this style is gaining more and more popularity.

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