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Boutique Hotel

Discover Yerevan’s history in this ethnic atmosphere

REPUBLIC hotel design interior design IMAGEMANSTUDIO loft style. On one of the streets, in the very center of old YEREVAN, the capital of Armenia, on Amiryan Street, there is a new Republica Hotel Yerevan boutique hotel. The modern building is harmoniously integrated into the old Yerevan courtyard. Being here, it’s hard to believe that you are just a few minutes’ walk from Republic Square.

The name of the hotel refers to the time of the existence of the Republic of Armenia, which was proclaimed in 1918. Decorative interior items also remind of those times. They are made in the style typical for the first quarter of the 20th century. Which can be seen in the lobby and in the hotel rooms.

Upon entering the hotel, guests find themselves in a chamber lobby decorated with wooden panels. Simple shapes, soft lighting solution, several successful color accents. All this leaves a favorable impression and creates an atmosphere of comfort.

Concept of the hotel

The concept of the hotel is based on the theme of the traditions of the ancient city. In the interior of the rooms, the theme of Armenian carpets, an integral part of Armenian life, is used. This interior line, combined with the straight forms of the furniture, creates softness and warmth. The interior of the foyer and entrance group, executed in a modern industrial style. What is masterfully replenished with references. From the prehistoric times of the kingdom of Urartu and the times of Persian rule. When creating the interior, natural materials were used. Such as wood, stone, natural veneer, and frescoes.

Restaurant “Anush” on the ground floor of the hotel enjoys well-deserved popularity among guests and residents of Yerevan. Traditional Armenian cuisine is a special pleasure in an original interior. The walls are clad in rough-hewn wood and painted concrete, a nod to modern industrial design. In order for the guests of the restaurant to have the feeling of an old wine cellar, the room is decorated with large earthenware jugs.

When designing the interior of the rooms, preference was given to discreet pastel colors. Simple yet functional furniture, high-quality finishing materials, decorative panels imitating traditional Armenian carpets… All these design techniques make the rooms an ideal place to relax after long walks around Yerevan.


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