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CLASSIC STYLE IMAGEMANSTUDIO interior design in classic style.The classic style dates back to the Ancient Age. As an area in architecture and design began to emerge in the XVI-XVII centuries. By the XVIII century, it was totally widespread. The term is literally translated from Latin as “exemplary“, so the classic style was positioned as a design benchmark.

It is believed that this style is favored by respectable and accomplished people. For authentic classicism requires the sizes of palaces and mansions. However, in the modern world, the vector has slightly shifted. The classic style could be recreated in cozy apartments. At the same time, the classic style is timeless and always up-to-date beyond all the trends

Classic style mansion

Style features

Despite luxury, beauty, natural and expensive materials, the distinctive feature of the classic style is primarily comfort and the laws of geometry, such as symmetry and compliance with proportions. When creating such an interior, it is necessary to set a coordinating center and build the whole composition around it.  Fireplaces, wall paintings, floor pictures, antique furniture – all these items could be focal points. Symmetry is achieved by matching a set of pairs of items of furniture from the coordination center. STYLE CLASSIC STYLE IMAGEMANSTUDIO interior design in classic style.

Symmetry in a classic interior

Light in the interior

In classical interiors, light plays a much more important role than in other styles. There must be a lot of it. Historically, in the times of no electricity, the light was provided by huge windows, a central lamp with many candles, wall bras, and chandeliers.

Now, all this is easily replaced by a huge luxurious crystal chandelier, torches, and bra, if the apertures of the windows and the height of the ceilings are not enough for natural sunlight. There are many modern techniques for how to beat the light in such an interior.

Light in classic interiors

Classic style color

Color in classic interiors

As for the color solution, classical interiors use neutral colors as the basis. Are applied all shades of white, beige, and grey. Saturated, vibrant colors: bright purple, red, green, and navy decorations or other interior items could be the center of the composition or accent. The luxury effect reaches its culmination by using gilt and bronze. Although in English classicism this technique works in reverse order: light furniture and decor in a dark background. 


Furniture and decor

All the facing materials in these interiors are natural and expensive. The walls should be perfectly flat and may be covered with decorative plaster or silk wallpaper. There also should be moldings on the ceiling, decorative chandelier rosette. On the floor natural stone on the floor or piece parquet.  In both cases, these floor finishing materials create various drawings.

The interior would be truly noble if you use genuine antique furniture. However, today Italian (and not only) factories produce furniture stylized as classics. Such furniture is not outwardly distinguishable from its historical predecessors. The main requirement for furniture is the use of natural wood with elegant carvings and gilding. For upholstery of upholstered furniture, expensive fabrics are used.

The decoration of the interior

The decoration of the interior in classic style plays a crucial role. It’s impossible to imagine classicism without any catchy and pompous details. In addition to upholstery furniture, expensive fabrics are used as curtains, decorative pillows, tablecloths, and dining table runners. A fireplace with bronze candlesticks, floor vases, or porcelain figurine. Massive wall paintings or clocks, crystal chandeliers, and lamps – perfectly complete the interior in a classic style

If you want to recreate design in any of your space the interior “a la classic”, no matter the space size and budget, the architectural and design studio IMAGEMANSTUDIO could offer you your services and the most optimal options for realizing your dream. 


Hakuk Yeghiazaryan

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