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Head of the studio "IMAGEMAN Interior and Architecture"

professional'noye foto muzhchiny okolo stroitel'nykh lesov - Mikayel Karsyan


A professional and talented designer from Yerevan, Michael Karsyan!

FOUNDER of IMAGEMAN Interiors and Architecture studio M. KARSYAN. As the founder and head of the architectural and design studio “IMAGEMAN Interior and Architecture”, he gathered around himself a professional and qualified team.

Since the beginning of his professional career in 1999, he has implemented more than 50 design projects for restaurants, hotels, cafes …

His knowledge in the field of modern equipping of professional kitchens (appliances, ventilation, equipment, lighting, dishes, etc.) guarantees their further efficient operation and long-term service.

Mikael Karsyan is a professional and talented designer from Yerevan. He is actively involved in everyday life and creating the modern look of his hometown. It is also not limited in its work to borders and geographical borders.

The flexibility of thinking, organization, skills worked out over the years, along with modern communication channels inherent in this profession. All these qualities make it possible to implement projects not only throughout Armenia but also beyond its borders: ArtsakhGeorgiaRussiaIran.

Designer and interior decorator

In addition to his main calling as an architect, Karsyan also appears as a Designer and interior decorator of public spaces. While showing the same unique creative approach to dwellings. Since the beginning of his professional career in 1999, he has implemented more than 50 design projects for restaurantshotelscafes, etc.

Designing private interiors, he takes into account the requirements and preferences of the customer.  Nonetheless directs them to a professional track.

Working on a specific project, Mikael also designs and creates unique interior and decor items. As well as lighting, designed in the style and design theme of this object.

Dynasty of architects and designers

He embodied all his ideas, knowledge, skills, and professionalism in his own project. Coffe Point Cafe (@coffeepointyerevan), where a cozy and functional interior is combined with exquisite French patisseries.

Michael Karsyan belongs to an outstanding dynasty of architects and designers. Father – Eduard Karsyan and uncle Levon Karsyan are known all around the world for their work.


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