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photo of a cafe in the bakery KHLEBUS entrance group on the left


Review of the grateful visitor of the cafe in the bakery “Khlebus”

Khlebus is an oasis for a traveler.

Feedback from visitor CAFE IN BAKERY KHLEBUS IMAGEMAN project in Russia, in Pyatigorsk. He spoke about interior design and the work. Of the architectural and design studio IMAGEMAN Interior and Architecture on this project.

“…Having purchased a bus ticket to Essentuki, I left the building of the bus station in Pyatigorsk. About half an hour was left before departure, I really wanted hot coffee. The attention was drawn to a brightly lit building opposite the strange name “Khlebus”. And only he came closer and realized that instinct, in contrast to myopia, did not disappoint. “KHLEBUS” CAFE IN A BAKERY – the sign read. “Paradise for a traveler”, I thought, and I was not mistaken.

Apparently, the concept of the cafe in the bakery was designed to attract the attention of travelers and passers-by. With light-flooded windows and colors that excite your appetite. Like a large carriage, only equipped with an ergonomic ramp with nickel-plated railings and, of course, steps at the entrance/exit.

A thick appetizing coffee and confectionery aroma, cordially capturing the consciousness, as if exuded by the interior itself. Pacification – there is no wish for a better atmosphere before a long journey.

Sitting at a table by the window, and eating a delicious warm cake with tondyr cheese, and washing down a fragrant cappuccino. I thought that Khlebus is an island of comfort and warmth, for a tired traveler. Where you can enjoy roasting coffee with fresh pastries.

Khlebus, coffee, and dynamics – these concepts are saturated not only with the interior and exterior but also with the nearby area of ​​the establishment. In a word – “Khlebus”, or rather you can’t say, a cafe in a bakery near the bus station…”


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