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MODERN STYLE CONTEMPORARY design project IMAGEMAN. Contemporary – MODERN style translated from English (contemporary). Formed as a style by the middle of the 20th century and emerged from functionalism, constructivism, and minimalism. Then the need arose to decorate and furnish small apartments with inexpensive replicable furniture products. As a result, the key parameters of the contemporary style are laconicism, functionality, lines and shapes, maximum “air” and minimum decor.
Nowadays, when the problem of small rooms still exists, modern solutions in the interior are zoned, visually expanding the space and depriving the interior of unnecessary things.

The foundation of modern design.

Simplicity and convenience are the foundation of modern design. The floor, for example, is not only finished with inexpensive materials. Like laminated floor panels, floor tiles, or vinyl flooring. But with the help of natural, equally affordable materials, such as stone, wood, or metal, beautiful floors can be made. There is often no carpet on the floor, but a small, high pile carpet can be used. Or a carpet with a geometric pattern in the furniture arrangement area. The walls are mostly neutral and perfectly flat, so to speak, a clean background on which the entire interior is built. They can be painted in one color or pasted over with plain wallpaper. The ceiling is also mostly white, most often it can be either stretch or drywall, in which the lamps are built.

Typical reception

Open space” is a typical technique for a modern design project. It is achieved by arranging furniture. Furniture is grouped in one area to create the effect of the fullness of light and area increase space. And here the shape and texture of furniture surfaces are important, and most importantly, its functionality. The sleek shapes of contemporary style furnishings are combined with materials such as metal, glass, textiles, and leather. Convertible furniture is very popular. It is for rooms with a small area that a bed in the wall, a folding-folding table, a sliding sofa, etc. are produced.

Colloristics contemporary

Contemporary colloristics are calm and gray-beige tones that are taken as a basis. However, the most applicable in modern design is white. It visually expands the space. However, if we are talking about a large country house, then darker colors of various shades can act as a basis. It is necessary to choose two colors close to each other in different proportions (one more, the other less) for decoration. And the third – an accent in the form of a separate wall, furniture upholstery or decorative elements.

Indoor light

When designing light in a room, it should be borne in mind that in modern interior design. There is practically no place for central light in the form of a variety of chandeliers. Light diffusion is provided by spot-luminaires, both ceiling and wall, and floor. In interiors decorated in line with modern style trends, daylight also plays a huge role. Curtains and curtains should be abandoned in favor of Roman and Japanese curtains so that the windows are mostly open.
The modern interior is not cluttered with decorative items. It is not enough and these are separate large objects. For example, a plant in a large pot, posters, or modern paintings in thin frames. And wall clocks, bright pillows, floor vase, etc.

The good result of the design project

Imageman studio has developed many modern design projects. A good result of a design project, modern or with stylizations, first of all. Depends on a competently solved and projected layout of the room for design. The architects of our IMAGE-studio provide optimal planning solutions for each specific case.

Regardless of what kind of room (configuration, footage, or building). The modern style is acceptable for the design of any home or office. And it is the most correct solution in a rapidly changing world, since, if desired, at any time, everything can be quickly updated or completely changed. Finishing the floor, walls, and ceiling, the arrangement of the furniture itself and even the walls. Thanks to modern technologies, you can make the room more comfortable, modern, or completely redesigned.

MIKAEL KARSYAN, Hakuk Yeghiazaryan

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