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Cafe, Lounge Bar & Concert Hall

Outdoor Cafe & A Chamber Music Hall in the Heart of Yerevan

JAZZVE OPERA cafe and lounge zone interior design from IMAGEMAN. ‘’Jazzve Opera’’ is located in one of Yerevan’s most popular places. Right in front of A. Spendiaryan Opera and Ballet Theater.  Interior design “Jazzve Opera” consists of a café area and a lounge zone with a chamber music club. The ceiling structure is hidden by the curtain decoration. Which brings a soft and comfortable atmosphere to the place.
The Jazzve chain’s specific drum-like lights hang from the ceiling and break the straight lines of the metal structure. The main colors used in the café are pastel shades… Of milk, gray, and chocolate, as in all the cafe chains Jazzve venues.
The bar counters in “Jazzve Opera” lounge zone are decorated with black & white photos of old Yerevan and portraits of celebrities of the ’40-’50s.
The café is located on the green area around the opera house and was built respecting the trees that were growing there.


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