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Cafe & Lounge Bar

Cafe & Lounge Bar

L’Orange lounge cafe with luxury elements and stained-glass Interior IMAGEMAN Light and Decor. L’Orange is a café and lounge bar that used to sell luxury accessories. The atmosphere is comfortable thanks to the soft furniture, the pouffes and the curtain decorations. A map on sandblasted mirror panels covers one of the walls, which brings more coziness to the interior. The ceiling is also decorated by square sandblasted mirror panels, providing additional soft light and projecting contour graphics on the floor.
One of the visitors’ favorite places is the small lounge-area.

L’ORANGE lounge cafe with luxury elements and stained-glass windows. Interior IMAGEMAN Light and Decor. L’ORANGE cafe in Yerevan with elements of luxury. Once the first of its kind cafe in Yerevan with luxury elements with stained-glass windows The interior fully corresponded to the name. The ceiling was adorned with sandblasted square mirrors to provide additional soft lighting. Contour graphics were projected onto the floor. The small lounge area was a favorite spot for patrons. Upholstered furniture, poufs, a map made of glass panels on one of the walls gave the atmosphere a coziness. Additional soft illumination was provided by sources with decorative draped curtains.


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