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Yoga, Pilates & SPA

Armenia’s First Yoga Studio

SHOONCH studio of Yoga Pilates SPA DESIGN studio IMAGEMAN. The first yoga studio in Armenia. Hall, halls, halls, rooms for masseurs and cosmetologists. The first yoga studio in Armenia. The studio is located in a room with high ceilings, which made it possible to create a mezzanine floor for the main training room. One of the walls of this floor is completely glazed, which gives air to the room. In general, the whole studio is enveloped in a soft and soothing atmosphere, dominated by wood, stone, fabric, and the colors are kept in pastel colors. On the ground floor there is a spacious hall, a wardrobe, a massage therapist and a cosmetologist.

SHOONCH, which in English means “Breath

SHOONCH, which in English means “Breath” – SHOONCH, is located in Yerevan, Armenia. Since its founding in 2007, SHOONCH has strived to introduce the art of yoga to enthusiasts in Yerevan. The studio was the first in Armenia to offer regular classes with internationally certified yoga instructors and residents. SHOONCH instructors are expected to continue their training by attending international retreats and yoga training courses in order to achieve higher degrees of mastery.

Various styles and levels of hatha yoga are practiced regularly. Special classes include yoga and retreats.

The studio is proud of its contribution to the development of yoga in Armenia. Shoonch believes she also has civic responsibilities. Shoonch, with the support and active participation of its members, organizes regular charity events. Contributes to the improvement of social and cultural life in Armenia.

IMAGEMANSTUDIO demonstrated creativity in this project. And the ability to translate ideas, desires and requirements of customers. As in all of its projects, the team of the architectural and design studio IMAGEMAN Interior and Architecture completed the project in a modern style. With elements of decoration and decor. Finishing elements, decor and design solutions to expand the space (one of the walls of this floor is fully glazed). All this corresponds to the purpose of the premises and the functional load of the object. Dominated by wood, stone, fabric. And the color scheme is kept in pastel colors with bright accents. In the form of pieces of furniture, decor, lighting fixtures and sports equipment.


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