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HOTEL STYLE DESIGN INTERIORS OF IMAGEMAN HOTELS. HOTEL STYLE, DESIGN, INTERIORS, hotel interiors are determined in terms of the chosen theme of the hotel, its location, and its direction. The hospitality industry and hotel business is a huge industry. Hotels can be classified by budget, service level, size, purpose, and sometimes even by gender. There is a huge variety of different kinds: resort, spa, boutique, apart, business hotels, motels, hostels, guest houses, etc. But let us, using the example of IMAGEMAN hotels, focus on those that have been gaining popularity all over the world over the past decade, regardless of the size of the budget. HOTEL STYLE DESIGN INTERIORS OF IMAGEMAN HOTELS

Boutique hotels

Are mini-hotels with no more than 100 rooms with exclusive design and theme. They are located mainly in the city center and are distinguished by high service and attention to each guest. Initially, such hotels were founded in the United States and Great Britain. Now become highly popular around the world. Even standard hotels have increasingly transformed into boutique hotels in order to improve the quality of service. IMAGEMANSTUDIO has designed one of the first and most sophisticated boutique hotels in Yerevan – “Republica Hotel”. This hotel is located a two-minute walk from the main square of the capital.

photo of Armenian carpets in the interior of a room in the Republic Hotel, Yerevan, Armenia


One of the most affordable types of accommodation. Hostels consist of rooms that accommodate two to ten people. In order to save space, the beds in such rooms are two-tier. Hostels mostly are preferred by students and unpretentious travelers. Due to its popularity, hostels now pay attention. Not only to their original role but also to the design. They compete with each other in cool interiors. Mostly they are thematic and the entire design project is developed based on it. There are no expensive furniture and decoration materials, everything is manufacturing and affordable. Details and decor are a focus of attention in order to give brightness and catchiness. Often they use a large wall which is decorated by graffiti or other art. Hostels are a great area for architects’ and designers’  imagination.

Spa hotels

In addition to traditional accommodation, spa hotels always provide wellness programs and other health treatments. They include a swimming pool, fitness and wellness centers, massage rooms, hammams and saunas, aromatherapy, yoga, and more. Not surprisingly, most of the clients at Spa-hotels are women. The design includes huge windows for plenty of daylight, and in treatment rooms – on the contrary, dim spotlights for maximum relaxation. The decoration and furniture are mostly bright colors and natural materials, such as wood and stone.

photo of the general view of the foyer in the VALLEX GARDEN hotel with reception, Stepanakert
photo 2 views of the bathroom from the sleeping area in the Presidential Suite, in VALLEX GARDEN


Are one of the most popular areas in the hotel business. They are based on the principle of apartments and are in great demand among families. They are equipped with absolutely all necessary appliances and furniture for a long stay with the atmosphere of home and coziness. The design of such “rooms” can be absolutely different, it all depends on the theme and style of the apart-hotel. They come in a modern style, classic, country, Mediterranean, Scandinavian, ethnic, etc. – for every taste and budget.

photo interior design of a two-room suite in the Vallex Garden hotel

There are so many types of traditional hotels and experimental accommodation formats. Hundreds of criteria and requirements must be considered for the construction and design of these hotels. IMAGEMANSTUDIO has tremendous experience in the hotel business.

The architectural and design studio “IMAGEMAN Interior and Architecture”. Has repeatedly won international competitions in the category “HoReCa” (Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe). Mikael Karsyan, being the Founder of the company and the Head of this direction, specializes in design, design, consulting. And in the hotel and restaurant sector not only in Armenia but also in Artsakh, Georgia, and Russia. Our studio is ready to provide full-fledged consulting services for everyone who wants to build a hotel, open and arrange a hotel according to a global franchise, or complete reformatting and rebranding of an existing hotel.

MIKAEL KARSYAN, Hakuk Yeghiazaryan

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