About Us


Interior Designer / Principal

Was born in Yerevan, Armenia and attended Yerevan Art College by P.Terlemezyan (1992-1995), after which he continued his studies at Yerevan State Art Academy (1995-2001).

In 2001 Mikayel became a member of both the Union of Artists of Armenia and Union of Designers of Armenia.

Since 1999 has been running iMAGEMAN Architecture & Interior.

Speaks Armenian, English, Italian and Russian.


Leading Architect

Was born in Tehran, Iran and  studied in "Azadi" University of Art & Architecture of Tehran, graphic design department (1993-1999).

Whilst completing her Masters degree in Architecture at Yerevan State University of Architecture (2000-2006 ), Patricia worked for several leading Architectural firms in Yerevan before joining iMAGEMAN in 2007 as a leading architect.

Patricia speaks Armenia, English and Persian.