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Little Italy in the big city

Restaurant Pomodoro – Little Italy in small Yerevan

In the pink city, in one of the pinkest buildings, a terracotta gastronomic corner called Pomodoro has opened. POMODORO Little Italy restaurant in the city designed by IMAGEMAN.  The name of the restaurant does not even hint, but directly points to the Italian focus. It seems like there are a bunch of Italian restaurants, cafes, and even fast food spots in the town. And there’s no need for another one. But the uniqueness of this place can be already understood on the approaches to it. When from the street, as if by chance, you look into the windows, and there is a huge wood-burning stove. Next to which a typical Italian pizzaiolo is skillfully juggling dough.

And now first thing first…

And now first thing first. Restaurant Pomodoro is located on one of the central Yerevan streets, where dozens of places of various formats operate in the neighborhood. The restaurant does not have a flashy signboard due to the ban on signage under the law on the preservation of architectural monuments of culture. But architects and designers have found a more optimal and aesthetic solution. Tomato-colored awnings with the logo and the name. Ideally in harmony with the territory of the entrance lobby ennobled with bricks. These have become the hallmark of this cozy corner.

Three halls

The restaurant has three halls: main, tasting, and fenced, in addition. There are a bar area and an open kitchen with a wood-burning stove. The main hall is mentally carried away to post-war Italy. Italy to the aesthetics and atmosphere shown by the genius Tornatore in “Malena”. Here are the same peeling and shabby yellowish walls, behind which the bearing bricks show through. The terracotta facade of buildings as if faded from the bright Mediterranean sun. Shabby doors with chic handles. Small Sicilian balconies with wooden shutters.

The hangover the tables, and they look so harmonious and natural as if you expect that the Italian Nonna (grandmother) will soon come out to hang clothes. And or call grandchildren for family pasta. Wooden furnishings and color schemes for tableware and appliances enhance the immersive effect. While street lamps add a lamp-like effect of nostalgia. Here everything disposes to unrestrained enjoyment of authentic Italian dishes, especially when in the distance. In front of your eyes, the chef creates absolutely fresh pasta and sauces. And this incredible smell envelopes the entire space.

The second hall

The second hall – the tasting room – is more restrained. It is designed for long conversations over a glass of wine and a variety of bruschettas and cheeses. The walls are decorated with wooden shelves, where there are all kinds of homemade preserves. Which, with a certain austerity of the wine cellar, still returns to the Italian family comfort.

The so-called separate room, not entirely separate, is simply designed for large groups and the atmosphere of a family meal. It, of course, has the most advantageous view of the open kitchen. Where you can watch the work of the chefs and the process of making food. The walls of the kitchen are decorated with blue and white tiles in the style of Portuguese Azulejo. Which greatly enhances the aesthetics of the open kitchen.

Worth noting menu

The menu with its variety and authenticity should be noted separately. Here everyone will find something to their taste. The freshest pizza and all kinds of pasta and gnocchi, for delicate gourmets – exquisite risotto and minestrone. For vegetarians – a huge selection of salads, ciabatta sandwiches, and bruschetta.

While the borders are still closed, and bones ache for Italy, visit “POMODORO”! Here the Imageman architectural studio has recreated it in Yerevan. Where the interior is not just a design, but an element that immerses in another reality.


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