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Private apartment space

Modern design with stylization

Space for creative thinking!

Space design of a private apartment styled by IMAGEMAN INTERIOR – a large apartment in a modern style, in one of the most beautiful new buildings in the center of Yerevan. Unfortunately, the architect and designer Patricia Karsyan did not deal with this project from the very beginning and was involved only after the client’s unsuccessful experience with other architects. Some work has already been done and quite expensive materials have been used. This situation greatly complicates the work of a designer. And at the same time sets another challenge for her to overcome, and P. Karsyan did an excellent job. Thanks to her professionalism, ability to get out of any difficult situation, and creative thinking, Patricia did an excellent job, with the result that made customers very satisfied. The design of a private apartment is made in a modern style with elements taken from different styles

The apartment is designed for a large family with children and elderly people and is made with the imitation of the classic style. The floors are made of natural stone with an active white-brown pattern, sequenced with noble dark brown parquet. The parquet is laid out in a “diamond pattern”. Creating the effect of a carpet in the middle of the marble floor. Some of the walls are made of the same wood, which masonry can be described as “fishbone”, succeeded by exquisite grayish wallpaper and mirrors.

The center of the composition.

The family loves to spend time in the evenings in front of the TV. The center of the composition in the living room is Italian soft sofas. And armchairs, along with a glass coffee table, directed towards the screen. Here in the living room, there is a large dining table. An original massive lamp hangs over the table, which looks like a frozen branch with hanging crystals like icicles.

Due to the central ventilation system at home, she had to find a special solution such as not to lower the ceiling too much. Therefore, using cornices and decorative levels, the ceiling visually remained quite high.

Special requests from the customer …

One of the specific requests was the space for smoking cigars. Where there is an olive Chesterfield leather sofa, a TV, and a side golden flowing lamp. A special place in the niche is given to the humidor and cigars.

In the guest bathroom. There are large dark brown wall tiles in contrast to the beige wallpaper, dark countertop, and white washbasin. This brutal composition is softened by a round mirror with a wide embossed glass frame. There is one bathroom for all children with a shower. Which is fenced off from the toilet by a high partition, finished with white tiles. The interior of the shower room is made of tiles with a “wood” texture. Which contrasts strongly with the black color of the toilet floor.

Styled design for everyone.

The master bathroom is equipped for two, with two mirrors, faucets, and washbasins. The walls are decorated with dark tiles, which are mixed with white ones. By analogy with the children’s bathroom, here the shower and toilet contrast with the black and white tiles.

The children’s room is made for two children. Which has two beds, side tables, and a wardrobe. The focus in this room is the wall. Where symmetrical wooden fish bones are sequenced with black tiles. Custom-made curtains repeat the pattern of the walls. Their workspaces are located in front of the beds.

The daughter’s bedroom is particularly bold. The feature of this space is the design of the wall behind the bed, which resembles a street concrete slab, all chaotically painted by vandals. These wallpapers perfectly convey the rebellious teenage spirit.

In the master bedroom, where on the customer’s request. There were to be wardrobes, a dressing table, a TV set, as well as a workspace. Patricia Karsyan introduced a design solution – to make it all like a kind of wall. It is all sheathed with wood and mirrors.

The kitchen has a shape of the letter Z, but even this did not prevent the optimal use of the space. All kitchen furniture is white, and the worktop and backsplash are made of black stone. The floor is made of the same stone as in the hallway. And in the living room, as well as a small high table for a quick snack. On the request of the customer, there is a lower table next to it for the elderly.

Imageman Studio Team

Design and projecting of apartments and houses where work has already been carried out is a challenge for any architect and designer. That is why the Imageman Studio team has been especially scrupulous about this project. All special requests and requirements of the customer are professionally implemented into the existing spaces, creating a versatile living space design for a large family of different generations.


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