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Dining room café-snack bar

Canteen café STREET

STREET – outdoor kitchen dining room café-snack bar Interior IMAGEMAN

STREET is an outdoor dining room where you can dine

STREET is a place for lunch where it is pleasant to sit with friends or colleagues

STREET is a restaurant-level outdoor dining room

STREET – a new look at street cuisine

Dining room-café STREET – a combined concept of street and food

STREET – outdoor kitchen dining room café-snack bar Interior IMAGEMAN. The creative and modern solution of the Interior studio IMAGEMAN DESIGN. Is a modern dining room of the European level in the very center of the city, on Mher Mkrchyan Street. A professional design team has competently inscribed the concept of outdoor cuisine in interior design. The name of the institution is a play on words (in English translation it is both a street and food). And in general, a symbiosis of the restaurant and the elegant minimalism of the café-snack bar was created. Spectacular layout of the space, selection of professional equipment, warm interior of the dining room, delicious food. All this creates a special homely atmosphere.

Designers have turned the café-dining room into a place where you want to sit with friends at the dinner table, talk with partners during lunch, meet friends. And come back here more than once.

When the elbow feeling is out of place

The design of the STREET diner-snack bar is set by the concept of street cuisine. The professionals of the Interior IMAGEMAN DESIGN put functionalism at the forefront. The layout of the space competently regulates the flow of visitors. The guest chooses his own food on a tray, but at the same time. Visitors do not interfere with each other either at the buffet counter or at the tables.

Here is the classic principle of the dining room-snack bar – when the food itself asks for a plate. At the same time, they moved away from the closed scheme with glasses and placed everything in an interesting warm interior. A professional selection of equipment helps to turn the process of serving food into a beautiful, almost theatrical performance.

The dining room-café STREET is an unobtrusive minimalism of street cuisine, a calm background with bright spots that dilute the severity of forms. Immediately upon entering, an unusually bold graffiti in some kind of cosmic-Japanese style. It seems to dominate and shade other colors. Similar graffiti in the center of the hall keeps the compositional balance. Another bright spot is the logo of the institution on the wall at the end of the hall.

The atmosphere of a home-cooked meal

Inside the L-shaped hall there are smooth vertical lines, calm colors and materials. Bright blotches of red, green and blue are in harmony with each other and simultaneously intersect with the colors of graffiti. Buffet counter with interesting combinations of wood and blue-azure tiles, shiny metal. All this creates the effect of a clean dining room and the comfort of homemade food. The same purpose is served by the tile coating of the tables – impeccable cleanliness and freshness of the surface.

An interesting design find is the effect of spaciousness with rather low ceilings of the basement. The professional team of the studio IMAGEMAN DESIGN coped with this task brilliantly. Floor-to-ceiling windows visually stretch the space. Ventilation is interestingly beaten – a flat shape, the same color as the ceiling, it repeats the contour of the hall and the buffet counter. Track lighting makes the interior of the café-dining room play with new colors. Rail lamps are convenient because you can adjust the backlight.

“Table on the wall” and competent accents

The original solution of the design team – one of the walls creates the effect of “house upside down”. It was as if a long table had been laid – plates and cutlery, Asian sticks in black bowls – and suddenly the general feast accidentally moved to the wall. All this is beautifully illuminated by lamps in red lampshades.

Since this is not just a dining room, but a café-snack bar, conducive to a measured lunch, sofas have been successfully integrated into the interior. But quite tough to make it convenient to eat at the table. And in the main hall there are stylish light chairs that perfectly play along with the overall color scheme, emphasizing the direction of street cuisine.

In the dining room and snack bar STREET there is also a summer area under a cozy opening canopy. From the street, the institution looks alluringly beautiful, the view itself invites you to enter there.

The professional team of the studio Interior IMAGEMAN DESIGN managed to design a unique place and open a café-snack bar, which is in demand by both residents of Yerevan and tourists. To open a creative place of any format with professional interior design, contact “IMAGEMAN Interior and Architecture”. Entrust the creation of your project “from brand to opening” to the IMAGEMAN team.



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