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Pastry Boutique

Bourbon patisserie interior design

Saryan street, which is located in the center of Yerevan, is known for its gastronomic destination. A variety of restaurants and cafes are located side by side here. Which attract not only guests of the city, but also locals with an abundance of their dishes and offers. The BOURBON confectionery interior design by studio IMAGEMAN opened on this street. BOURBON confectionery is a Pastry Boutique. The interior design of which was created by the team of the architectural design studio IMAGEMAN Interior and Architecture. This company is headed by the head and founder Mikael Karsyan. The shop interior of the store was developed with the help of the knowledge of the professional IMAGEMAN team. In the field of the specifics of designing restaurant cuisine and production. As well as the functioning of public catering facilities, which made it possible to professionally design a small space.

The concept

The concept of this institution is to create a Pastry Boutique confectionery. Where visitors can buy almost everything they need for various events or a family holiday table. Here you can buy not only confectionery, cakes, and pastries, but also alcoholic beverages, coffee, tea, as well as gift sets.

The space planning was designed so that the production itself, which is visible to visitors, becomes part of the “presentation”. This visually increased the space and created dynamics for the eyes of visitors. The process of cooking and baking products is visible through the glass partition. The light tones of the furniture – pink with dark pink and white emphasize the direction of this institution. The design of the coffee area is a gray–green, dark tone of the upholstery of upholstered furniture and other parts of the decoration. Which is perfectly combined with glass showcases.

Beautifully displayed fresh pastries, cakes, and other confectionery products are components of the interior design of the Bourbon confectionery trading area. Part of the main hall is allocated to a small landing area – a coffee shop. Here visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the taste of fresh coffee and taste hot pastries from the confectionery assortment. Which have just been baked, almost in front of their eyes.

The interior solution

The interior solution to decorate the walls with mirrors also visually increases the space and adds a stream of daylight deep into the room. Brass lampshades and shiny coffee bean trays add chic and warmth to the space.



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