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Modern country mansion

Design and Architecture

House with unique design.

Any person has ever thought of leaving a big city … To settle somewhere near,  in his own house, cottage or mansion … Especially if this property is located not so far. We present a modern country mansion project design and architecture of IMAGEMAN. Imageman studio has managed to establish itself not only virtuoso author as an architect and designer of the best restaurants, hotels, and luxury apartments. Professional architects of the studio are excellent designers of modern country houses.

Many buildings and houses have been developed under the guidance and authorship of the studio’s architect and designer Patricia Karsyan. They are distinguished not only by their unique design but also by non-standard architectural solutions, forms, and functional design.

Mansion in a modern Scandinavian style

The customer of this country house is a neighbor and a close friend of the Studio’s client. He wished for a similar mansion, but at the same time added his own individual needs. This is a minimalist mansion in a modern Scandinavian style, designed taking into account all the wishes of the customer and the characteristics of that area.

The design area of ​​the cottage is on two floors and is 120 sq. m. Three bedrooms and bathrooms are located on the second floor, and the kitchen, laundry, and dining spaces are on the first. There are a huge number of panoramic windows, and due to the second floor, there is also a glazed balcony. Behind the house, there is a large terrace with a dining space made of metal structures. Opposite, there is a family pool and a small summer kitchen with a barbecue area. The house is cladded with travertine, and the sections of the house protruding from both sides are covered with black tuff, enhancing the shape and angularity of the building. Parking spaces are allocated in a separate covered garage, harmoniously fitting into the overall design of the exterior.

The result is a dream home

Suburban life presupposes a high level of comfort and not a rejection of the benefits of civilization and urban amenities. A functional house in an industrial style has met all the requirements and expectations of the client. It’s just a matter of time when it comes to Imageman Studio. An individual approach to each and every customer, professional adaptation of the client’s needs, and modern creative solutions in work. All this leads to productive cooperation, and as a result – to the client’s dream home.



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