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Architectural project of a one-floor

Building project and design

Project and visuals of a country house

Architectural project of a one-floor chalet and design in IMAGEMAN is one of the main activities of “IMAGEMAN Interior and Architecture”. Where does any construction start? The starting point of any construction project is the architectural project and design of the future building. Imageman Studio’s clients include not only big players in the HoReCa sector, but also happy owners of country cottages and mansions. The planning and design from the very foundation are one of the successful scopes of the Imageman Studio and, in particular, the architect Patricia Karsyan.

The architectural project of a one-floor chalet and design in Imageman Studio is a country mansion located 30 km from the capital, where the customer, a family from Argentina, has a land plot. In general, the house is made in the style of modern constructivism style using metal structures, natural stone, and glass – and all this in incredible geometric shapes and combinations.

A functional and well-designed house

In this project, the client preferred to have a one-story functional fully designed chalet. The total area was 170 sq. m. The one-story chalet project includes a large kitchen, three bedrooms, space for family hangouts and gathering by the fireplace, three bathrooms, and a laundry room. There is a patio in the back, with U-shaped zoning made of metal structures. The place for outdoor dining is adjacent to the huge panoramic windows of the house. There are also parking spaces for two cars. It’s a metallic and glass structure built as a canopy, repeating the elements of the exterior design. Behind the house, there is a large terrace with a green lawn and a swimming pool for summer family relaxing. The facade is clad in travertine with brown tuff. Street steps and floors are lined with basalt. 

Imageman Studio suggests

Architectural planning of country houses in a modern style is gaining more and more popularity. More and more clients prefer minimalistic forms, modest exteriors, and landscaping the surrounding area. At the same time, the functionality of such houses is more adapted to rapidly developing technologies.

Imageman Studio suggests an architectural project, layout, and design of the interior and exterior of country cottages of any complexity and scale of work. You will receive your dream house with all communications, functionality, and most importantly, comfort that meets your personal desires.



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